The Feast of the Passover
Saturday ,  6   April 2019
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The Feast of the Passover
Theme: "Don't forget where you come from"
Beginning on
April 6, 2019 to April 6, 2019

Passover is an event that is different from all other events in Israel's history. The day before the High shabbath from evening to evening

The Passover celebrated Yah's great deliverance of His people from Egyptian slavery. Yah had told His people that the Egyptians had gone too far, well beyond repentance, that they had become so evil, brutal and savage that He was going to execute severe judgment upon them. He was going to send the angel of death throughout the land and execute the firstborn son of every Egyptian family. Then and only then would Pharaoh release Yah's people from their four-hundred years of enslavement. But Yah's people could escape the judgments. How? By believing Yah and trusting the blood of the sacrificial substitute.

Yah instructed His people to take a Lamb without defect, put it to death, and smear its blood on the doorposts of their homes. By so doing, Yah would know that the family trusted Him and trusted the blood of the substitute sacrifice to take their place in bearing the judgment of Yah. Therefore, the judgment of Yah would pass over the believers. This is exactly what happened on the night that Yah's terrifying judgment fell. On the very next day, the Egyptians began to set Yah's people free after four-hundred years of savage, brutal enslavement. As a result, the Passover celebrates the most important event in Israel's history.

The Passover is a symbol of Yahawashi Ha Mashayach (Jesus Christ) our Passover who was sacrificed for us. Ha Mashayach (Jesus Christ) is the perfect fulfillment of the Passover Lamb that was slain in behalf of Yah's people. Through the blood of Ha Mashayach (Jesus Christ), a person escapes the judgment of Yah. Yah accepts the blood of the substitute sacrifice as full payment for the sins committed by a person.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Passover is His sign or prophetic picture of the coming Savior, of His salvation and redemption

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